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From: Fabrice MARIE <fabrice@celestix.com>
Subject: Fwd: Re: Pitbull & linux...
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 11:57:24 +0800

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I wanted to hear Jeffrey W. Thompson point of view regarding RSBAC,
if you guys are interested...

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Subject: Re: Pitbull & linux...
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 10:25:25 -0600
From: "Jeffrey W. Thompson" <thompson@argus-systems.com>


I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed my talk.  I recently listened to it,
and having never had the opportunity to listen to my own talks I was
quite pleased.

In regards to RSBAC, I have in fact heard of the effort, but quite
honestly I haven't yet had a chance to investigate it in depth.  I have
followed RSBAC as there is quite a bit of interest in it in the UK MOD.

The work we are doing on Linux will differ from RSBAC as our mechanisms
are not tied to the user ID, but rather to processes and also to the
network.  I think you will find what we are doing quite interesting!

Unfortunately, I cannot give out a lot of detail on the Linux product as
it is currently in development, and Argus is not yet making any official
announcements.  I can tell you that it will not initially be available
as OpenSource.  We will be releasing several components, particularly
modifications to the kernel, but we will also have several modularized
components as well.  It is very likely that we will be releasing the
product for free for individual non-commercial use in much the same way
as we did our PitBull Foundation (B1) product
(www.argusrevolution.com).  I don't have a release date yet, but I would
suspect end of year would be a good rough estimate.  Please take this
entire paragraph as completely unofficial and non-binding :).

I will definitely take a closer look at the RSBAC work, and look forward
to hearing your thoughts on our Linux work once we release it.



Jeff Thompson
Software Evangelist and Visionary
Argus Systems Group, Inc.

Fabrice MARIE wrote:
> Hello Jeffrey,
> >As it may
> >interest people, we are currently developing a Linux
> >based product as
> >well, and information will be made available on the
> >corporate site and
> >Revolution site as soon as it becomes available
> I've heard your talk in MP3 about hacking in
> a B1 trusted operating system, and found really
> really interesting. Thanks !
> Linux for now have a very powerfull Rule Set
> Based Access Control (http://www.rsbac.org/).
> What do you think about it ?
> I believe the biggest shortcoming of it is the
> documentation.
> Is it really different of what you guys are developing
> ?
> In what does your thing is going to differ ?
> When approximately do you plan to release pitbull on
> linux ?
> Thanks for all.
> Best regards,
> Fabrice.

Fabrice MARIE
R&D Engineer
Celestix Networks

"Silly hacker, root is for administrators" 
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