Noir-Cygnus Announces An Investment Opportunity IAPZLTV

Subject: Noir-Cygnus Announces An Investment Opportunity IAPZLTV
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2001 04:53:09 -1800

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<table border=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"4" width=3D"100%">
    <td COLSPAN=3D"2" HEIGHT=3D"76" width=3D"971"><font FACE=3D"Swan" SIZE=
      <p ALIGN=3D"CENTER">Noir-Cygnus Equities</font></td>
    <td WIDTH=3D"768" BGCOLOR=3D"#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=3D"33"><font FACE=3D"Peng=
uin" SIZE=3D"3">
      <p ALIGN=3D"left">Specializing in Asset Based Securitizations</font>=
    <td WIDTH=3D"197" BGCOLOR=3D"#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=3D"33"><font SIZE=3D"3">
      <p ALIGN=3D"RIGHT">October 30, 2001</font></td>
<div align=3D"center">
  <table border=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"4" width=3D"100%" h=
      <td valign=3D"bottom" colspan=3D"3" width=3D"829" height=3D"38"><fon=
t size=3D"6">Company
        Announces its Rule 504D Private Placement Offering</font><font FAC=
E=3D"CG Times"></font></td>
      <td width=3D"402" height=3D"21"></td>
      <td width=3D"55" height=3D"21"></td>
      <td width=3D"473" height=3D"21"></td>
      <td valign=3D"top" width=3D"100%" height=3D"100%" colspan=3D"3">
        <p ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY"><b><font size=3D"4">NOIR-CYGNUS EQUITIES, INC=
        CFO, Lynden P. Bridges announced today that the company has releas=
ed its
        Private Placement Offering for review and subscription by potentia=
        investors. The Offering, under and pursuant to Rule 504(D) of the
        Securities Act, allows for any interested party to invest in the c=
        securities, subject to the terms of the statute. &quot;The Company=
        taken care to provide a fully qualified Offering Memorandum which =
        only be accessed through the internet by first sending in a reques=
t for
        a copy of the memorandum to the Company,&quot; stated Bridges.</p>
        <p ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">The total amount of the Offering is $700,000 =
        into 2,800 Units composed of 1,000 shares of Class &quot;B&quot; C=
        Stock. The stock is being sold at $0.25 cents per share. The minim=
        purchase is for one (1) Unit ($250) and the maximum purchase allow=
        is for four (4) Units ($1,000). A total of 2.8 Million Shares of C=
        &quot;B&quot; Stock are being offered. CEO, Harold Woods, Jr. note=
        &quot;the purpose of this offering is to expand the shareholder ba=
se of
        the Company. Noir-Cygnus has entered into negotiations to be acqui=
red by
        a publicly-traded shell company. On conclusion of that acquisition=
, and
        assuming the success of our business model, we will need 1,000
        shareholders and the appropriate capital requirements in order to
        qualify for trading on the NASDAQ National Market System.&quot; Wo=
        noted that despite the mood of the country and marketplace, it was
        important to conduct this offering now in view of the <i>de minimu=
        interest rates that are being experienced in the financial markets
        representing an enormous business opportunity. &quot;We must move =
        all haste to execute not only on the business model, but to increa=
se our
        shareholder base so that the Company=FFFFFF92s objectives will be =
met without
        further delay.&quot;</p>
        <p ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">To request a copy of the Company=FFFFFF92s Pr=
        Placement Memorandum, go to the Company=FFFFFF92s website at <a HR=
EF=3D""><u><font COLOR=3D"#0000ff">www.n=</font></u></a>
        Click on &quot;Investment Opportunities&quot; and then click on
        &quot;Investing In Noir-Cygnus Equities.&quot; </p>
        <p ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY"><b><font size=3D"3" face=3D"Arial" color=3D"#=
        should be noted that this announcement is not an offer to sell
        securities.&nbsp; Offer and subscription can only be accomplished
        through the Private Placement Memorandum in those jurisdictions wh=
        such sale and purchase is permitted.</font></b></p>
        <p><b><font face=3D"Arial" size=3D"2">You are currently subscribed=
 to the 
        Investors Holdings =FFFFFF99 Update.&nbsp; You can change your ema=
il preferences&nbsp;by 
        <a href=3D" Remo=
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        you will no longer receive the FREE company Advisory or the FREE c=
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